3D audio processing and application circuit LM4610

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

LM4610 is a US company following the LM1036 NS after the launch of a new class of high-end HIFI tone IC, LM1036 is the ideal alternative, it is also the use of two-channel DC voltage to regulate the volume, treble, bass, balance. The IC also increase based

3D audio processing and application circuit LM4610
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on the LM1036s 3D sound field broadening adjustment, it comes with a loudness switch to compensate for the human ear characteristic curve when a small volume. LM4610 Key Features: (1) Operating voltage: 9 ~ 16V Current: 35mA input impedance is 30K, low output impedance of 20 Europe (2) Treble adjustment range: 16DB (16KHZ time) 3) Bass adjustment range: 15DB (40KHZ time) (4) balance adjustment range: 1 20DB (5) Volume adjustment range: 75DB (6) SNR: 80DB (7) Frequency Response: 250KHZ (8) Total harmonic distortion: 0.0003 Circuit principle: LM4610 typical application circuit shown below, LM4610s pin 19 output 5.4V reference voltage by four 47K potentiometer to adjust the voltage of each control pin, so that in between 0 5.4V change, thus to for volume, tone and balance control. 3D sound switch for the switch S1, S2 is equal loudness switch. LM4610 and treble tone control capacitor Ct, bass capacitor Cb related. When treble capacitance Ct = 0.01uF, bass capacitor Cb = 0.39uF, the lift amount and the amount of attenuation in the 40HZ-60HZ, 15dB range.

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