12dB-oct by the OP amplifiers low-pass filter

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

12dB/oct Butterworth second port (most flat characteristic) of the filter circuit value is pregnant shall be 0.707 to get the characteristic flat, and for cl, the feedback capa

12dB-oct by the OP amplifiers low-pass filter
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citance roar should be taken to ensure high-capacity reaches a predetermined opening value oQ value from the mouth/mouth iTC,/2 formula. In order to make the port 0. 707, a. And c soil must be established cl 4QI. I 2aI the mouth broom relationship. When calculating the effective parameters, according to CI 2 of mouth/2 Xiao, workers Island, Port I 1/2 port x2 help, a worker Xiao calculated sampling D, and oyster I5il not vend, this week can mound up checking Q value. Although the cut-off frequency is selected with a certain degree of freedom, but the resistance Ro is too large, it will generate the OP amplifier input bias offset by the impact of speech, accrual calculation, chu o, analyze whether there is a problem here feedback loop plus R, to offset the input bias current, if the choice of FET input ol) amplifier, the input bias current is very small, only a few hundred microamps spread can to remove chu 3. c3 role is to suppress spikes, the choice of its capacity range of 22 ~ sipFo

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