555 capacitor filter circuit diagrams

Capacitor filter works by the capacitance being measured is proportional to the pulse width and pulse width qualifying nominal capacitance comparing screening to detect. Circui
555 capacitor filter circuit diagrams - schematic

t shown in Figure, IC1 and R1, C2 composition astable multivibrator, a period of about 1.4 seconds to produce a square wave pulse. In IC2, IC3, IC4 as the core component monostable trigger circuit, the timing of the trigger pulse width depending on their charge and discharge time constants. Cx is measured capacitance, Cm, Cn is qualified capacitor capacitance of the upper and lower limit. That Cm Cx Cn. IC2, IC3, IC4 by IC1 output with square wave trigger, resulting in their different width, comparing the door circuit. Then trigger IC5, IC6 monostable circuit, the NAND gate 6,7 if not negative output pulses, 555 will not be set, 3 feet was low, VT1, VT2 off, LED1, LED2 are not light indicating that the capacitor under test qualified. If LED1 luminous flash indicating Cx is greater than Cm; if LED2 luminous flash indicating that less than Cx Cn, capacity overrun. IC5, IC6 one-shot pulse generating about 0.8 seconds.

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