8 low-pass filter MAX291 TA7504P schematic

As shown in Figure 8 times the low-pass filter circuit. This circuit uses eight low-pass filter circuit switched-capacitor configuration. Changing the cutoff frequency of the c

lock frequency can be changed, and the cutoff frequency of the clock frequency of 1/100. A clock input plus + 5V level square wave signal at A1 input (IN) and output (OUT) terminal properties can be obtained between the low-pass filter. Because the input attenuator and the role of the amplifier output, input and output signal level can reach 10V. When the supply voltage is + 5V, 9V input voltage peak value or more, for the distortion does not increase sharply in the circuit input signal terminal access R1 and R2 attenuator. Input voltage is 0V, the drift voltage output generated up to 0.4V, for this purpose DC differential between input and output A2 detected and added to A3-inverting input. Thereby offsetting drift voltage. A3 for smoothing the output of A1 stepped waveform, to enhance its effect. In order to further reduce the output clock pulses may be used in operational amplifier A1 constituting the filter.

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