LC filter and LC type filter circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

By analyzing the filter capacitance or inductance is filtered DC output is still more or less volatility. In situations requiring high level

LC filter and LC type filter circuit
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in order to get more slippery DC, duplex filter can be used. . (1) LC filter capacitor filter we know t applicable load is large, and the inductor filter is applied to the load is small, as if these two circuits are combined, it constitutes a diagram shown in FIG. filter, which can be applied for general load. In the LC filter. Will be double the voltage ripple filtering effect, most of the AC component of the inductor L is prevented, even if a small portion through the through L, but also through the filtering effect of the AC bypass capacitor C, therefore, the AC component across the load is small , so as to achieve the filtered exchange purposes. (2) LC- Ji-type filter circuit shown in Figure b. IJC- Ji crossing type filter is a combination of the C-type filter and LC filter, the filter process after wave rectified AC t first by the C-type filter filter, and then by LC filter. So Ji filter performance than the LC and C have excellent filter, the voltage Rr. Obtained on more smooth. Since LC-7C-type filter capacitor connected with crossing the front, so the external characteristics of such a filter capacitor filters and similar.

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