Overload speaker protection circuit

The circuit input is taken from the terminal loudspeaker or amplifier output jacks. If the right channel is large enough to charge C1 to a potential which exceeds the breakdown voltage of the emitter of Ql, a voltage pulse appears in R7. Similarly, if the left channel signal is large enough to charge C2 to a voltage that is greater than the breakdown voltage of the emitter of Q2 `, a pulse appears in R7. The pulse triggers in R7 5CRI. A door sensitive SCR (LGT less than 15 RNA or IGT is the gate-trigger current) that locks in a conducting state and energizes Ryl. The action of the relay will interrupt the speaker circuit. and silence follows you must alert on the problem.

Reduce the volume on your amplifier, then press and release 51 to reset the circuit and restore normal operation. The circuit can be set to go off at any level of 15 watts RMS to 150. To calibrate . deliberately over-power signal at the entrance of the right speaker protection and adjust R3 until RY1 boosts. Do the same with the left channel, this time adjusting R4. The circuit is now calibrated and ready employment.

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