The same capacitance parameters easy to change the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter 24dB-oct

24dB/oc seven times Butterworth (maximally flat characteristic) constituted by the two filters, each box has two books enough filter (12dB/oct), in order to make a 3dB point tw

o units into soil cutoff frequency normalized, must first and second mouth enough baskets at sub-cut adjustment thistle 0.541 and 1.306 fold to take the gain to improve port by value according to A. 3 a (l/mouth.) (Taboo for the series 1, 2) calculate the required gain.. Jic resistance path to ground is fed Phoenix iok0 time, cut off the feet according to B. (A.-1) x IO 10I calculate the feedback resistor hall., Library lI, R. 1. S2k mouth, R1. 12.35 ka Since the filter with passband gain, so the input stage 4. Attenuation of 1/2. 53.

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