Tunable Bandpass Filter

Posted on Mar 7, 2013

One of the difficulties in the design of higher-order tunable bandpass filters is achieving correct tracking of the

Tunable Bandpass Filter
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variable resistors in the RC networks. The use of switched capacitor networks can obviate that difficulty, as is shown in this filter. The filter can be divided roughly into two stages: an oscillator that controls the electronic switches arid the four phase-shift networks that provide the filtering proper. The oscillator, based on a 555, generates a pulsating signal whose frequency is adjustable over a wide range: the duty factor varies from 1:10 to 100:1. Electronic switches ESI through ES4 form the variable resistors whose value is dependent on the frequency of the digital signal. The operation of these switches is fairly simple. When they are closed, their resistance is about 60 ; when they are open, it is virtually infinitely high. a switch is closed for, say, 25% of the time, its average resistance is therefore 240 . "Varying the open:closed ratio of each switch varies the equivalent average resistance. The switching rate of the switches must be much greater than the highest audio frequency to prevent audible interference between the audio and the clock signals. The input signal causes a given direct voltage across CI, so the op amp can be operated in a quasisym-metric manner, in spite of the single supply voltage. The direct voltage is removed from the output signal by capacitor C10. The fourth-order filter in the diagram can be used over the entire audio range and it has an amplification of about 40, although this depends to some extent on the clock frequency. The bandwidth depends mainly on the set frequency. The circuit draws a current of not more than 15 mA.

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