Using the same parameters more convenient level 36dB-oct low-pass filter design

36dB/ocf Butterworth filter consists of three sub-ruined structure, each stage box with two filter sections c work zdB/ocf), in order to point a 3dB frequency characteristics n
Using the same parameters more convenient level 36dB-oct low-pass filter design - schematic

ormalized to a value of 0 at all levels must be adjusted separately 0. 517,0.707,1.931 have to use port 1 when the gain of the amplifier to increase the value of the way the mouth, according to a, 3 ten thousand bamboo-level number, l, 2,3), and calculate the required gain.. OP amplifier Ai ~ A4 increase the feedback gain determined by the resistor, 4- determined after. R, can be calculated; R. ( .- 1) 10 10l, the calculation result as the circuit diagram parameters. It should be noted that: passband gain of 42, Azx As, namely the total gain of 4,2 times, the input amplifier A. Attenuating circuit should be 1/4.2, so that A 1. If not cope Series, input increases, the background had a lot of saturated filter high harmonics filters can not filter out the complete barrier.

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