Audio function generator ICL8038 circuita

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Composition audio ICL8038 function generator shown in FIG. IC using ICL8038. Resistance Ri potentiometer RP1 to determine feet straight flow potential Bian,

Audio function generator ICL8038 circuita
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usually taken sulfone 2Vcc / 3. Breguet lower the output of lower frequency, and vice versa. Therefore, ICL8038 also known as voltage-controlled oscillator (vc0) or frequency modulator (FM). RP1 adjustable frequency range is 20Hz ~ ZOkHz. Using dual power supply when. DC level of the output waveform is zero. Adopted when a single power supply, the DC level of the output waveform is Vu: / 2. Audio function generator ICL8038 composition can produce square wave, triangle wave and sine wave, its respective output terminals 21-35 as shown in FIG.

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