Audio vibration thaw circuit diagram

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

In the refrigerator before cooking after eating fish, meat and other food to be defrosted. The freeze was put into water, and the

Audio vibration thaw circuit diagram
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introduction of audio vibration can accelerate the defrosting process, thaw in warm water than conventional cut in half the time, and without damaging the freshness of food. Principle is to make audio thawing and freezing water was collided with each other, will be a combination of loose ice, water molecules penetrate the ice, the accelerated melting of ice. Iron container with a volume of about 0.1m 3 square feet, put the solenoid L at the bottom of an opening, changes in the magnetic field lines make the cylinder bottom vibration and pass the water to achieve their goals. Circuit 555 generates a square wave oscillation, VR adjust the oscillation frequency, LED work instructions for the oscillation signal to the high-power DC switching TWH8752 1 feet, 4 feet connected to the electromagnet. DC Power Supply After step-down transformer rectifier filter obtained electrical power capacity of about 100W, the normal operating current is 4A.

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