Stereo to Mono Converter

Posted on Apr 3, 2012

This is a very useful circuit for those who want to transform a stereo Power Amplifier, to mono, bridging two channels from him , reversing the phase of the one power amplifier [R] and the polarity, with these connections we can have 4X times the output power (double the output voltage ) . For example : if we use the circuit to a stereo amplifier 2X50W, will have 1X200W output , if power supply assent. In the connector J1, we can connect two type plugs (XLR) Cannon, and input of two channels it's symmetric (electronic balance). With potesometer VR1 and VR2, we regulate the level of each channel separately (stereo), switch S1a-b [place 2]. When bridging two amplifiers, with the switch S1a-b [place 1], then the level him we regulate only with the VR1.

Stereo to Mono Converter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The department of channel [ R ] is suppressed and the input is given only in [ L ] channel. Simultaneously inputs in use the inversion department of phase round the IC1c, driving second power amp. [ R ], with reverse polarity, from [ L ] channel. The output now it should him we take from two [+] positive output final amplifiers. In the circuit it appears association the loudspeakers and for the two cases (stereo - bridge). In order to we have results of precision, should the resistances of input differential amplifiers, be metal film 1%, pontesometer, the capacitors and switch S1, good quality. The power supply of circuit is ± 15V, stabilised. If you want to use the inputs, no as symmetrical (balance), but as asymmetrical (unbalance), you can connect in 0V, the negative inputs of signal J1/1 [L/mono] and J1/5[R ]. The asymmetrical signal now enters in the positive inputs, J1/2 and J1/6. Part List R1-2= 47Kohms C1-2= 1uF 100V 5% IC1= TL074 R3-4= 47Kohms C3-4= 1uF 100V 5% S1= 2X2 SW. R5-6= 47Kohms C5-6= 33pF VR1-2= 10Kohms Log. pot. R7-8= 47Kohms C7-8= 33pF . R9-10-11=47Kohms C9-11= 100nF 100v . R12-13= 22 ohms C10-12= 47uF 25V . ?ll metal film 1/4W 1% J1-2= 6pin Connector

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