TV audio circuit diagram TDA1521

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Colour is often used as shown in audio circuit (TDA1521), the circuit is taken from Changhong C2191, the OTL two-channel connection. TDA1521 pin functions and reference voltage

TV audio circuit diagram TDA1521
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

: Pin 1: 11V-- reverse input 1 (L-channel signal input) Pin 2: 11V-- positive input 1 3 feet: 11V-- Reference 1 (when the OCL connection to 0V, when the OTL connection is 1/2Vcc) 4 feet: 11V-- output 1 (L-channel signal output) 5 feet: 0V-- negative power supply input (connection to ground when OTL) 6 feet: 11V-- output 2 (R channel signal output) Pin 7: 22V-- positive power supply input 8 feet: 11V-- positive input 2 9-pin: 11V-- reverse input 2 (R-channel signal input)

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