Hotel ultrasonic interference detection system based on ultrasonic probe DSP interference US0012

Circuit constituted by the US0012 and P ultrasonic interference detection system is shown in Fig. When SEL40k termination high, select 40kHz clock frequency. P can use to compl

ete the following tasks: first, to provide US0012 40kHz clock frequency; a second set US0012 sensitivity; third, receiving the alarm signal US0012 issued and perform the appropriate action by the controller. The 40kHz ultrasonic transmitter and receiver configuration sensor US0012 adaptation. The sensor is mounted on top of a column, you can increase the coverage area. When not connected to an external input amplifier effective detection distance of the vehicle interior up to 35m. C1 for the side of the capacitor CAP, choose to take the high-speed sensitivity when C1 270pF. C2 and C3 are power supply decoupling capacitors. Bias circuit preamplifier composed by C4 and R1. RX receiver to the end of the lead should adopt shielded cable, the shield connected RXGND end. To avoid strong interference is detected and damage the chip, if necessary, double limiter diode connected to the input pin, from the overvoltage protection effect.

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