Intelligent Ultrasonic Ranging IC 4Y4 form a monolithic liquid crystal display rangefinder circuit diagram

4Y4 constituted by a monolithic liquid crystal display rangefinder circuit as shown in FIG. The instrument includes an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver, LCD display, buttons,

switches and a buzzer (or speaker), in order to simplify wiring, 4Y4 welded directly in the back of the display panel LCD. 4Y4 first 2 to 4 feet, 8 feet, 23 feet to 26 feet and 28 to 30 do not. R1 is transmitting circuit current limiting resistor. R2 ~ R4 to amplifier receiving external components. C3 to boot automatically reset capacitor. 455kHz oscillator circuit using an inexpensive piezoelectric ceramic filters instead of quartz (JT), C1 and C2 for the oscillation capacitor. SB for the push button switch. C4 power supply decoupling capacitors. 4Y4 only drive the piezoelectric ceramic buzzer or micro Xiangqi, in order to drive the speaker, but also need to increase the level ~ Darlington (VT1, VT2) to use as a power amplifier. Current limiting resistor R6 of VT1. According to actual needs, 4Y4 also received external transmission circuit or reception circuit. For example, the sensitivity of the ultrasonic probe waterproof seal is only 1/10 of ordinary probe can only measure without external transceiver at 50cm distance, the increased expansion circuit can improve the reception sensitivity to meet the special requirements of underwater ranging.

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