Ultrasonic drilling machine circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Ultrasonic drilling machine is the dairy industry essential jewelry processing machinery, mainly for natural stones, crystal agate, jade and glass

Ultrasonic drilling machine circuit
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products, such as high hardness materials, drilling and engraving, the following describes an ultrasonic drilling machine circuit. For in this regard the reader is referred. (1) ultrasonic drilling electromechanical circuit routing power supply circuit, the ultrasonic oscillator circuit, a driver amplifier and power output circuit group as shown in Figure 7-72. Power circuit from the power switch S, the power transformer Tl, two-way bridge rectifier circuit AI11 and AB2, ammeter A, resistance Fung, three-terminal voltage regulator integrated circuit 7815 and filter capacitors cl, c3, C, C6 composition. Ultrasonic oscillator circuit consists of resistors Island, Ru, RlZ, inductor L, and capacitor C7 ~ C9 transistor VT7 composition. Drive amplifier circuit routing capacitor C4, transistor VT8 and VT9, input transformer 12 and a resistor Ningbo, Ria, R13, R14 components. Power output circuit by the input transformer T2 winding W2 and W3, power amplifier tube VT1, VT6. Resistance Shu, the wind, the output transformer is T3, capacitor C2 and ultrasonic transducer B dimension into. (2) analysis of the working principle of the power switch S, AC 220V step-down voltage by Tl, Tl on winding W7 and W8 are producing an ac voltage of 20V and 56V AC voltage. AC 20V voltage through AB2 rectifier, C3 filtered all the way through winding Wl added to rr9 collector electrode, is provided near the driver amplifier 24V DC voltage; another pass 7815 ear pressure + 15V, working as an ultrasonic oscillator power supply. AC 56V voltage after rectified by AB1 and G filter, the ammeter PA provides about 60V DC operating voltage of the power output circuit. After power the ultrasonic oscillator oscillation, the oscillation signal generated by the ultrasonic VT8, VT9 After amplification, the output circuit is coupled to the power, after power amplification VT1-VT6, and then drive the transducer through T3, the ultrasonic vibration energy into a mechanical energy vibration mill head (a generally from emery) and under water with the repeated vibration of workpiece machining parts grinding, grinding holes are formed or engraved patterns.

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Transformer   Mar 26, 2020

Hi. What are the specifications of the transformer T2 and T3?

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