Ultrasonic insect repellent circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010    11506

Electrical pulses generated by the first base circuit pin output, and then sent through R6 piezoelectric speaker BLD, switched to the electric pulse ultrasonic waves to space r

Ultrasonic insect repellent circuit
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adiation. Sweep principle of the circuit is very simple, use the transformer secondary voltage AC signal to the modulation circuit 555 feet, to reach the purpose of changing the pulse frequency, the frequency range of 32kHz ~ 62kHz. According to foreign information described, the device can use more, you can get rid of rats, cockroaches, fleas, the effective area of up to 1 6rr12. As long as the device is placed in the room, turned on the power, continuous working, rats, cockroaches, fleas will decrease with time, can be reached within three months, get rid of the above pests purpose indoor mouse will not appear, cockroaches and fleas. If the housing area is large, can put a few in the room can be,

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