Ultrasonic remote control switch circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Many brands and Asia ultrasonic remote control switch circuit form, the control device to perform some use of relay; others use thyristors. The use of remote control transmitter puffer type sub

Ultrasonic remote control switch circuit diagram
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ultrasound flute (which have olive and flat circular shape). In this paper, a typical circuit shown in the drawings, for example, it works Introduction and troubleshooting two cases. First, the circuit AC220V by C1 Buck, VD1, VD2 rectifier; C2, after VD3 filter regulator control circuit to receive operating power. BM is a piezoelectric ultrasonic receiving sensor sub; R2, L constitute a sub ultrasonic resonance circuit; VT3, VT4 constitute flip-flop; VT5 relay K composition and execution control circuit; CZ is charged with the load sockets. Second, Maintenance Examples [Example 1] after receiving the transmitter remote control commands, and controlled VD7 indicator lamp blinks in rapid succession at the same time, and you will hear mechanical noise generated when the relay armature trembling, after one second, warble stop by control bulbs and VD7 simultaneously extinguished. This failure often occurs in remote switching power supply circuit, when the mains voltage is lower than 180V or down capacitor C1 of insufficient capacity, both due to the DC power supply to the machine is not sufficient to provide the required operating current, resulting in the drive circuit and relay difficult to successfully enter the normal pull-state performance of sorption is not strong, like non-absorbent such as smoking. After measuring the mains is normal, then remove the C1, measured obtaining capacity 0.32 F, capacity has been significantly reduced. Put a 0.47 F / 400V polyester capacitor, troubleshooting. In addition, if C2 failure (no capacity) will lead to the same symptoms in this case. [Example 2] at each remote control lights, LED bulbs have VD7 and controlled in order to enter the stable after several flashing light-emitting state. The trigger pulse generation circuit, R3 is the collector load resistor VT2 from R3 output a trigger signal; C5 to prevent misunderstandings hair. Failure in this case C5, a substitution electrolytic capacitor 2.2 F / 16V after the fault is cleared. Practice has proved that, C5 ranges generally between 0.47 ~ 3.3 F compare properly. In general, the capacity of the election was large, remote control switch response time is relatively longer, shorter and vice versa.

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