Ultrasonic remote control switch lighting circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

T-40-16 and 555 ultrasonic transmitter circuit configuration as shown in a, the circuit consists of an ultrasonic transmitter T-40-16 and 555 circuit, adjust the potentiometer RP can change the

Ultrasonic remote control switch lighting circuit
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oscillation circuit frequency. 3 feet from the oscillating pulse output 555 of 40kHz drive T-40-16 work, so that emit ultrasonic signals of 40kHz. Circuit operating voltage of 9V, operating current of 40 --45mA. Control distance is more than 8m. (2) R-40-16 Ultrasound crossing the receiving circuit shown in Figure 18-32b, the VT1-VT7 circuit and other components. Since receiving the signal emitted by the transmitter is very weak, the circuit uses multi-stage amplifier, the output pulse signal crossing the square, to Zhu ~ VT5:. VT6 and related components, electrical bistable Lu Zealand to working condition i transistor VT4 conduction on each once (launchers once), the trigger signal by G, C bistable circuit to feed a trigger pulse. VT5: '' VT6 reversed again. When VT6 when turned on from off, VT5, VT7 closing, relay K release and maintain. When the next pulse to the arrival time -VT6 conduction is turned off. VT7 conduction, the relay pull-K, control the work load. This circuit can be used for remote control of various electrical switches control.

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