Ultrasonic transmitter circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Given by the ultrasonic transmitter circuit T-40-16 and other discrete components. T-40-16 as a feedback sensor

Ultrasonic transmitter circuit
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element and the electrical circuit of the transistors VTI, VT2 form a strong positive feedback oscillator frequency, the electric signal into an ultrasonic oscillation signal, the oscillation frequency is equal to the center frequency of the ultrasonic transmitter of the T-40-16 40kHz. The circuit work oak, T-40-16 is similar oscillation waveform generated across the square wave pulse voltage amplitude close to the power voltage faction. When you press the switch S, can emit a series of 40kHz ultrasonic signal transmitter to the receiver of ,,. The circuit operating voltage geese -9V, operating current 25mA, remote control distance of up to about 8m. As shown 18-60h given ultrasonic transmitter circuit MA4 0EIS / EIR and other discrete components. Works same as in Figure 18-60a, different sensor is MA40EIS. Its structure, properties and T-4 0-16 similar. In addition, the VT2 collector inductor L as the load resistance, in order to facilitate increased excitation voltage, so Nusheng wave transmitter capable of transmitting more power, but also to improve its resonance characteristics of the role

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