100W power amplifier circuit diagram TDA7293

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Although the TDA7293 longer beautiful, but in fact excellent strength, still have to tell you about, for enthusiasts may be a review. TDA7293 is ST (SGS-THOMSON) company produc

100W power amplifier circuit diagram TDA7293
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ed a high-power high-voltage DMOS high-fidelity amplifier IC, rated output power of 100W. The maximum operating voltage is 120V. The main parameters are as follows Parameter Min Typ Max Unit Power supply voltage (dual power) 12 50 6V Output power Vs 45V R 8 14W Open loop voltage gain cover 80 dB Conversion rate 15 v/S Output current 6.5 A Input impedance 100 120 150 K TDA7293 internal structure is divided into three levels: a differential input stage by a bipolar transistor, and to promote the level of power output stage FET, this structure can be integrated bipolar transistors and power FET low noise linear temperature coefficient advantage on the tone. Awesome, taking into account the advantages of the signal processing circuit of bipolar and MOS power transistor with low distortion, low noise and silence, as well as high pressure switch, thermal protection, short circuit protection and other advantages. TDA7293 is a 15-pin package. TDA7293 role of the foot as follows: 1 foot to standby; 2 feet inverting input terminal; 3 feet is a positive phase input terminal; 4 feet is the ground; 5 feet short circuit current detection terminal, usually as vacant; 6 feet bootstrap end; 7 feet is the positive power supply input (signal processing section); 8 pin is a negative power supply input (signal processing section); 9 feet standby end; 10 feet is muted end; 11 is buffered drive output (bridged when use); 12 feet is the feedback input terminal; 13 feet is the positive power supply input terminal (power output stage section); a power output of 14 feet; 15 feet is a negative power input (power output stage section). Figure 3 TDA7293 amplifier circuit diagram of a typical

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