100W switching power amplifier circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Self-designed amplifier circuit 9 of the circuit described in this article is completely symmetrical and complementary, can give full play to the

100W switching power amplifier circuit
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advantages of complementary NPN and PNP transistors, so that the whole circuit has a very high degree of stability. Because the signal from input to output at the push-pull amplification state so good symmetry, temple high fidelity circuit signal path without a coupling capacitor homes, no large loop negative feedback. The circuit becomes a DC amplifier circuit to eradicate the capacitor caused by the presence of dye tone phase shift. Reduced due to large transient counter electromotive force when the depth of the negative feedback loop caused by intermodulation distortion and vibration generated by the speaker voice coil of the front portion of the circuit interference. So that the conversion rate of the entire circuit is greatly improved. The resolution of a strong small-signal q VT1 ~ VT4 composed of a differential amplifier input stage circuit. The class does not use conventional constant current circuit Henan, while the use of long tail circuits. Amplifier uses high-frequency switching power supply, stable operating point of the circuit has played a positive role in this 6. Not only simplifies the circuit and make the actual audition t improve sound quality also confirms this. Each set of differential amplifier quiescent current of ImA, proved in ensuring the premise of an appropriate increase in signal to noise ratio required for this level of input current, this stage quiescent current is 6mA. Negative feedback from the VT6, VT5 collector by R18, R19, R17, R16 leads connected to the input stage of the inverting input interface circuit forming a DC negative feedback magnification by the (R, B R. ga + R17) / R] 5 decision. Circuit driven by the level VT8.VT9 composition, there is plenty of current output and improve followability instantaneous signal to ensure a large dynamic output, the level static take-state current 32mA, thus improving transient large signal output powerless ills. In addition the size of the current level and tone related. Final output circuit using Hitachi ZSK10582SJ162 sound field effect on the tube, to whichever warm tone, detail the advantages and strong. Each channel two pairs of parallel, each gate of the string of R25 ~ R28 resistance vibration absorption resistance, the parallel C8. C9 capacitors role is to stabilize the quiescent current bias 6 per tube was adjusted to 480mA, working in class AB mouth due to the current level to promote crystal transistor having a positive temperature coefficient t work when a certain temperature, it is for the installation of a temperature compensation VT7 application taking into account the conditions of the amateur pairing precision transistors, using the midpoint potential servo composed by the lC2 circuit. Circuit VD1, VD2 is separated to prevent mutual interference from before and after class and added, high-frequency pulse power supply 11 1.2 is only caused by the eye into the front stage and setting. Front -stage filter capacitor C3-cs larger capacity, have a good effect q

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