2 x 220W RMS Audio Amplifier

Posted on May 17, 2012

This amplifier is so high quality that it would be understatement to speak HIFI amplifier. HIFI-confirmed-Finland the frequency response must be direct and distortion <1% 20-20 kHz. Our articles power amplifier circuit again meets the above requirements for bandwidth 5Hz -. 500 kHz, however, The frequency band is limited such that interference PREVENT birth.   The amplifier meets the requirements referenssivahvistimelle, which is suitable for measurement and comparison operation. Small 12-24V voltage system amplifiers operating in the power and properties of the are somewhat modest, eg. a decent speakers testing. The amplifier is also suitable for demanding PA use

2 x 220W RMS Audio Amplifier
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2 x 220W RMS Audio Amplifier - image 1
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When the music occurs in shallow close 20Hz sound levels, may the whole amplifier power reserve may need to temporarily use. This happens especially when the low-frequency emphasis equalizer or amplifier used, for example TV. Looking at the context of the movie, with lots of sound effects. If the power is not enough that effect. situation, sound speakers is distorted, reducing the enjoyment of hearing or even a roach speaker drivers.

Distortion of human hearing range is only about 20 Hz-20 kHz. S. The hi-fi speaker gamut extends its best 25kHz cent and bats hearing area "remains" 150 kHz, so what are the benefits amplifier superior frequency characteristics can be practically? The title 220W blue-mentioned power less than 1% distortion means the so-called. The total maximum amount of distortion. Em. crack includes mm. TIM distortion (Transient intermodulationsärö) as well as IM-distortion (intermodulation-distortion). TIM distortion occurs in so-called high speed. in connection with the percussion sounds. These include. Dish sound on drums. If the question. crack share of the amplifier is high, the amplifier will not be able to play cue sound clean, but the sound is distorted.

What higher frequencies the amplifier is capable of playing, the less is TIM distortion. If the amplifier would be able to repeat 600 kHz, does not effect distortion occur at all.. IM distortion means that...

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Guillermo Maldonado   Jun 19, 2008

I suppose that this is a good amplifier, so I need it.

Dayanand   Jan 23, 2008

i intrest electronics

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