25W single-chip audio Class D amplifier IC-TDA7482

About PWM Class D audio amplifier, during the past half century, foreign miscellaneous Chi constantly been explored reported. The main features of this technology attractive ou

tput efficiency is high (generally more than 85 to 90%), which is the output of a large power amplifier is more important. But its high distortion index Hi- Fi to seek still a considerable distance. Now that Class D PWM amplifier THD jumped about 0.1 ~ 0.oi%, but when the power is more than difficult to achieve this range indicator D although the use of PWM audio amplifier produced when 50w, musical taste was not too strong. Its second powerful PWM carrier frequency will inevitably lead to serious short-wave band electromagnetic interference, which is something that can not be satisfied with the existing filter design to solve problems in the mouth Nonetheless t big screen color TVs audio output stage, and the audio portion of the multimedia computer car stereo system, PWM amplifier above drawbacks seem not important, so find it handy. And like SGS THOMSON such international Archduke J to launch such a monolithic form of chips t can count on working together is very reliable, and the nozzle is recommended.

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