4 Watt Amplifier with preamplifier

Posted on Sep 24, 2012

A small amplifier with nice characteristics: Tendency of catering: 15V. Force of expense: 4,2Wrms in the 4W. Minimal signal of entry: 94mVp-p with preamplifier, 0,65Vp-p without the preamplifier.

4 Watt Amplifier with preamplifier
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Materially: R1=2,2KW R2=330KW R3=4,7KW logarithmic potentiometer R4=330W R5=1KW R6=1,5W C1, C6=100nF polyester C2=100mF/25V ilektrolytjko's C3, C7=1mF/25V electrolytic C4=1000uF/25V electrolytic C5=10uF/25V electrolytic Q1=BC547 U1=TDA2002 LS1=Loudspeaker. Notes: Proportionally the resistance of loudspeaker changes the force that it can give the amplifier

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