40 Watt Hi-Fi amplifier (TDA1514AN-7)

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

This very high quality audio amp is based on the TDA1514A, a 9-pin flat package IC. The heatsink must be insulated from ground. The amplifier will deliver 40 watt into an 8ohm load with a 27.5 volt power rail or 40 watt into 4ohm load with a 21 volt power rail. The IC is designed to meet the requirements of digital sound sources such compact disk players etc. The total harmonic distortion at 32watt is less than 0.0032%.

40 Watt Hi-Fi amplifier (TDA1514AN-7) - image 1
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An output mute circuit prevents switch-on and switch-off clicks, and is totally protected against short-circuits and thermal runaway. The metal plate on the package is connected to pin 4.

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