50W class AB amplifier

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fans are hoping to make a high-quality amplifier, but the most outstanding publications published on the circuit, they often too complex and difficult to start 6 This article d

50W class AB amplifier
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escribes a pure class AB output stage amplifier circuit, the circuit is simple, sound quality is satisfactory, Hing interested persons may wish to try the heart of the circuit shown in Figure 4-3. VTI ~ VT4 composed of one, two differential amplifier, VT6 ~ VT7 constitute power output tube, VT8VT9 to promote o VDl --VD3VT5 circuit providing a bias to VT6 ~ VT9. Gain of the circuit by the R6, R7 control about 30 times. The entire circuit is simple and clear, at a glance. Adjustment of the machine is very simple: to make the midpoint potential of adjustments RP1 ov; adjust RP2, so that the voltage across R13 is about 0.1V. Several times repeated adjustments can be put into use

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