Bass Boost amplifier circuit with compensation

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

With bass boost compensation for the practical power amplifier circuit. Follow the instructions on the subject of the amplifier circuit element parameters, when the switch Sl, S2 are disconnected,

Bass Boost amplifier circuit with compensation
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

this function can be put under 45Hz canthus audio output gain relative to 200Hz or more, the audio upgrade 7 ~ 8dB;. Sl closed, sz disconnect when the power amplifier can be 30Hz following audio output gain relative to 150Hz . . [|, Audio upgrade 5 ~ 6dB; and when the switch S2 is closed when the amplifier 20Hz ~ 140Hz with a flat frequency response port obvious front face two output modes suitable for promoting sub-cut woofer 6 + 5 inches and lo inch foam side speaker speaker, and the final output of the flat used as a way for signal detection. Real listening after adoption of the corresponding bass boost compensation amplifier push speaker sound low-end frequency response to improve the situation is very clear. Speaker released 910 bass very flexible, and 6.5 inches speaker unit has also been released, I could feel the bass from feeling the impact of

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