Cd4049 Amplifier

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

When an inverter is biased with one resistor from its input to output in the range of 100 KOhmhm to 10 and is capacitor c

Cd4049 Amplifier
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oupled, it exhibits amplifier characteristics (see the table). Furthermore, when a split power-supply bus is needed and only one battery is used, the inverter can be configured to supply a pseudo-dc ground of relatively low impedance, coincident with the ac ground (see the figure). Depending on the magnitude of the dc ground return currents, anywhere from one inverter to several in parallel are sufficient. Also, the supply buses must be capacitor bypassed. The configured input-to-input shorted inverter now acts as a voltage regulator that sinks and sources current. In this configuration, the inverter is forced to operate at the midpoint of its transfer characteristic. This divides the battery potential into two equal parts—as referenced to the defined dc ground by virtue of its internal gain and physical structure. Op amps such as the LM324A, can be powered from one battery while being referenced to the dc ground that is generated by the inverter. This novel technique surpasses the use of discrete resistors for battery potential dividing. It can be employed in other applications where individual component savings and improved design performance are needed.

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