Compact 100W power amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By the pLPC1342V and NE (two company names and fever on the tube amplifier circuit 2SA1227A 2SC2987A composed of maximum output power up to 120W, the cutoff frequency up to 500

Compact 100W power amplifier circuit
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MHZ. Its up to the state collector output current f 12Ao circuit shown in Figure 2-126 o shown by the ring shows that the output stage of the circuit is double tube parallel output, the purpose is to increase the output power. circuit voltage using 45V, operating voltage can be increased to improve the output power, but consumption and tube amplifier tube heat also increased, so the output power to meet the needs, the supply voltage should be as low as possible. for 2SC2987A/2SA1227A composition amplifier circuit, the final stage of the power supply is preferably not more than 45Vo can pre-ppC1342V the last stage of a common set of power, you can also use a separate set of power level before and after the separate power supply, pre-regulated power supply can be used before and after class when sharing a set of power, you can figure a and b, c and d. linked to table 2-35 lists the time 1342V and 2SC2987A, 2SA1227A amplifier circuit composed at different power supply voltages and different forms of testing this circuit found: it has excellent frequency response, when the output power 1w (1 load 8. the letter source frequency number changes from 10H to 100kHt, no transition curve characteristic base rate move; fo at 400kHz, the curve fell 2d30 rate machine fidelity is also very good, when when the output power of loow, lkHz: harmonic distortion of the signal 0 012%, 100HZ harmonic distortion of the signal 0.008%, harmonic distortion signal 100kHz 0.005% o.

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