Dedicated headphone amplifier integrated amplifier LM4880-03

FIG automatically shut down by the circuit is a MOS FET to achieve. When the headset is inserted, the contact off, MOS tube grid connected high, the tube guide pass., feet grou
Dedicated headphone amplifier integrated amplifier LM4880-03 - schematic

nded, LM4880 into the amplifying state port allocated through headphones tMOS gate of contacts and R, grounding, MOS tube off, feet to high power level, I. M4880 automatically shut down. l Y a LM4880 can also be made automatic application switching power amplifier circuit, as shown in Figure 5-42. LM4861 voltage at Sv can output 0.5w power, playback speaker inscribed machine outlet into the headset, O feet connected to the positive supply by Rv, current speaker automatically turns off. As you pull, LM4861 of O feet through contact and care, grounded into working condition, while I.M4880 but just off t work alternately with each other.

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