Effective output 50W distortion rate of 0.003% thick film hybrid amplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As the main part of the circuit has been achieved Ic! Of bulk components are primarily large number of capacitors. Internal circuit shown, the output level from the A t, Tr. Co

Effective output 50W distortion rate of 0.003% thick film hybrid amplifier
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mposition current mirror circuit that converts the output of the differential amplifier PNP unipolar, and obtain a high gain of gain. The amplitude of the middle class is large, and the conversion speed is decided by this stage, we should try to make it work in high current, well make T ,. Grounded base (and Tr, composition tllt to a shade amplifier), to solve the high-frequency characteristics caused by the deterioration of the Miller effect. rr. Change, Tr Po set for the constant bias circuit that can suppress the power generated by the impact. Tr, is used to set the output bias transistor, in addition to the base aims to take along a plate shot dead zone VBl voltage between the poles i also play a role in temperature compensation. For large output current, the output stage Darlington connection, in order to improve electric foot magnification.

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