HI-FI integrated amplifier TDA7294-02 circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Europe's leading SGS-THOMSON STMicroelectronics recently introduced a tone quite new to the Chinese mainland hydrazine fos power integrated amplifier TDA7294, swept past the linear integrated

HI-FI integrated amplifier TDA7294-02 circuit
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amplifier and thick set successfully released, cold, hard tone t widespread for Hi-Fi areas, such as home theater, active speakers. The device is l 5-pin package, the shape shown in Figure 5-14. Each end of the pin action as follows: O standby pin end; feet to the inverting input; feet for positive input; feet grounded; , @, feet empty legs; @ bootstrap pin end; pin + Vs (signal processing section) # feet for a ys (signal processing section); @ feet standby end; ß feet muted end; ß feet + v5 (final stage); a pin as an output; ß feet for a n (final stage) 6 TDA7294 internal circuit designed to focus on the tone, both bipolar signal processing circuitry and power advantages of MOS, with high pressure, low noise, low distortion, reproducing sounds great affinity and power and other characteristics; short-circuit current and thermal protection features that make it more perfect performance mouth TDA7294 main parameters; V Bi (supply voltage) for the soil lov ~ 40V; lo (output stream peak) to 10A; corpse o (RMS continuous output power) at vl - soil 35v, 80 when 70W, v a Z7 V, 40 when 70W; music power (RMS) y thatch = 38r, as when 8fl. lOOW, V * a disability 29V, 4, f2 when loow day TDA7294 corpus standard application circuit shown in Figure 5-15, Figure 5-15 circuit loop gain is 30dB, increase or decrease R2 R3 can increase the gain of the amplifier gain decreases and vice versa t; R4, C4 decided standby time constant , while waiting for the big increase in the value of on / off times, whereas shorter time; R5.R6, C3 decide mute time constant, the value of large static sound prolonged, whereas shorter; when the control terminal, a low potential to standby and mute status . When the control termination letter V, because (R5 + R 6) R {, after more than a ß foot foot rises high potential, and the first shutdown goes low, which makes the process both in standby and off static sound state carried out to ensure that the switch noise amplifier.

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