Hi-fi amplifier 80Wx2

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

2SC2,987,2SA1227 is uPC1342V and two-channel hi-power 80W 2 tubes of the discharge circuit o The circuit uses the same multi-function protection circuit t {PC1237 circuit for f

Hi-fi amplifier 80Wx2
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ull-featured protection o Table 2-34 lists factory recommended when used in different output power output on the tube, from 25W up llow. Except listed in the table on the tube outer race may be employed Sanken fever on the tube as the output tube, such as 2SA1216,2SC2922, or 2SA1292.2SC3264 like. Article pieces can also be used when you do not approve of cheap quality pipe IVU2955 2N3055 tube. LrPC1342V need to add in the use of 60 60 1,5mm aluminum radiator circuit 78 foot o indirectly adjustable type bias circuit, the circuit is powered, adjustable 51m adjustable resistance tube quiescent current in the output lOOmA about 06, between 7 feet to compensate for the capacitance of the capacitor connected, maximum capacity of 100pF. If the circuit works well without self-excited, should try to reduce complement compensation capacitor capacity. In order to give full play to the function of high-fidelity amplifier, power transformer capacity should be large enough capacity filter capacitor also should not be less than lOOOOLeFo power of resistance should be as small as possible.

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