Precision pure DC HIFI headphone amplifier production circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Hi-fi headphones have a wide frequency response and low distortion are desktop HIFI audio can not be compared, especially

Precision pure DC HIFI headphone amplifier production circuit
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some brand headphones, even some top-quality speakers can not be compared. High fidelity headphones to listen to music, its high resolving power, without overly complex configuration, the cost is not worth the stool can get multiple playback sound levels to its desktop portfolio, while easy to use, the effect is not the time to appreciate the impact of the environment . Fidelity headphones sound field balance, level of detail is clear, dynamic enough, especially for high-frequency reproduction with elegant real sweet and warm sound. In addition to a good selection of headphones, choose a good headphone amplifier is also a great need to focus on work. If silver pocket more, then of course you can buy a thousand dollars of finished headphone amplifier, but conservation is our traditional virtues of the Chinese people, the majority of fans here to recommend a pure DC HI-FI headphone amplifier circuit, its pure sound, detail level of clarity, dynamic sufficient bandwidth is very good, and the cost inexpensive, interested persons may wish to try. Circuit diagram is as follows The design is pure DC type, music channel is not a coupling capacitor, so that the music signal if the vehicle is traveling at highway general, high frequency without any coloration amplified and modified by the direct promotion of headphones. Recommended dual 12 ~ 18V transformer can be on this op-amp circuit amplifies part NE5532 into a higher grade of IC to get better results, generally 5532 servo power supply is sufficient, but with a great waste.

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