STK6327A application circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After the graphic equalizers are universally applied, and the emergence of a new kind of equalizer, called a parametric equalizer that amount of EQ, or from the internal circui

STK6327A application circuit
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t structure is different in terms of the use of external adjustment method the general tone regulation circuit, is also different from the preceding graphic equalizer circuit, it is a new equalizer circuit. The usual tone control circuit, only for the selected two fixed frequencies increase or decrease over the adjustment range is narrow. Graphic equalizers are also only a few predetermined point increase or decrease the frequency adjustment, and the parametric equalizer and the two different ways o It can adjust in a wide range of frequencies of the control circuit choice, and then the frequency selection will be boost or cut fine adjustment. Nissan brand TEAC V-2RX and V-4RX Both decks are used in this equalizer. Use the equalizer Whether recording or playback, can be within 60 ~ 500Hz low frequency arbitrary point adjustment control of 15dB. Domestic licensing Huaqiang HQ - 850 machines also use this equalizer, which uses a two-stage adjustment method, the first paragraph of 70 ~ 700H, second paragraph 1k ~ lOkHz, any point on each band could be used for 12. dB gain adjustment.

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