Single-chip audio power amplifier circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Burr-Brown OPA541 chip is produced by a power amplifier, which can by a maximum of 40V power supply electricity to produce the maximum

Single-chip audio power amplifier circuit
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continuous output current of 5A. Via an external resistor, adjust the size of the output current to protect the discharge amplifier and the load, so that the normal work © OPA541 has two packages, one is plastic ß feet, the other is a 3 TO sealed package. OPA541 is a better performance of the power amplifier. Circuit shown in Figure 5-106, the circuit in the input audio signal level value of 1. 3V; which, when the symmetrical earth 35v power supply, it is possible to provide a load of about 80 to 60W mouth this time, through parallel resistance R6, R7 limits the output current value (max 8. 5A), but also safe driving 4n of the load, and thus obtain the maximum driving power. However, R 6 and R7 set the amplifier to be taken to ensure safety to give short circuit protection make the amplifier 6 in its area of work safety, it requires current threshold is 1. 8A. Determine current threshold resistor Rc, can be calculated following formula: Rci = (0.813 / Laha) -0.02 (N) low-distortion of the amplifier, THD less than 0.5% O lC quiescent current of only ZOmA, bandwidth used by C3 decision, approximately 22kHz, the input filter R2, C2 for reducing IMD (intermodulation distortion internal), and reduce the bandwidth, the actual bandwidth reduced 16. 6kHz; low end cutoff frequency of the R 1, C 1 decides for 6. 6Hz. / P SE "). Change (function () {J SRPPShunt Regulated Push Pull cSRPP " f" o c 6F2 " beta " SRPP " f " b " beta " R6, R7 m 2-10 b cSRPP Two Pass J F3mA " beta " I, o F2.5mAc

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