Single-ended Class A amplifier circuit diagram of 6N1 + 6P3P  

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Dec 11, 2010
Electronic tube amplifier lovers started his art that simple, excellent single-ended Class A circuit should be the first choice. Single-ended Class A tube amp with a mellow, sw
Single-ended Class A amplifier circuit diagram of 6N1 + 6P3P - schematic

eet and produced high success rate. This article describes the use of 6N1 lines constitute the input stage. Power amplifier stage 6P3P standard connection, 6P3P for entry-level product, the quality is quite outstanding, making the risk of low prices can minimize the same time as long as the line is reasonable design, careful production, but also can play 6P3P fever realm. More importantly, I wish to take this route, for those who just like a primary tube amp enthusiasts, by trying to become familiar with tube amp production.

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