Unity gain Inverter amplifier circuit

The circuit consists of a device with low drift LTl012. and a speed amplifier LTl022Jligh. The entire circuit is a unity gain inverter, with the summing node at the junction of three resistors 10k. The monitors what the Tl012 summing node, it compares to the mass, and drives the positive input LTI022, completing a loop to stabilize around the Tl022 L. The k 10 to 300 pF at the time constant LTI012 limit its response to low frequency signals. LTl022 handles the high-frequency inputs while LTl012 stabilizes the operating point.

The k from 4.7 to 220 ohms at Tl022 The divider prevents excessive input overdrive at startup. This circuit combines LTl012 of 35 pV and offset drift of 1.5 to 23 REFER LTl022 V / ps slew rate and 300 kHz bandwidth for full power. bias current, dominated by the LTl012, is about 100 pA.

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