With full power amplifier 01

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Amplifier circuit shown in Figure 2-25. It has the following features: (1) promote the use of a class 6N11 tube for parallel push-pull amplification entire term, high-frequency

With full power amplifier 01
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response, a letter -to-noise ratio. (2) The final stage of the semiconductor amplifier tube amplifier does not use regulated power supply, can be seen from Figure 2 26, chokes and 20000r1F/50V electrolytic capacitor 1. SH/1. 5A composition LC filter network power (3 ) output transformer production easy, use of the tongue when homemade 24mm wide, 40mm thick laminated iron core made of high-quality silicon, early -stage total of 200 turns, the series consists of two 100 turns winding; a secondary with 100 turns, when the actual production with two 1) 0. 72mm and a root of 1. 02mm double wire high strength and stitch around three strands envelope, identify the head and tail of the three windings.

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