miniature audio amplifier

Posted on Jul 22, 2012

The amplifier is based on an integrated circuit TDA2822M. With this circuit can be built amplifier with up to 2 1 W. This much power circuit is able to supply only at peak times, the continuous excitation would not be able uchladit. Involvement of the amplifier is to figure 1 . The input signal passes through a frequency divider depends on the volume control. Frequency-dependent divider zd?raz?ujuje frequencies around 100 Hz, which has a positive effect on the subjective sound quality when using small speakers. IO is involved in the manufacturer's recommendations.

miniature audio amplifier
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The amplifier output can connect speakers with impedance of 8 ohms (or greater), or headphones. Power supply IC can be in the range 1.8 to 15 V. The low supply voltage power amplifier is very small, at high supply voltage and load speakers with low impedance circuit may be a little overheated. With 8 ohm speakers should be power supply voltage of 6-9 V. I used a 5 V supply voltage, which is derived from the game port. Voltage of 5 V can be obtained even from the keyboard connector, PS / 2 port and USB. A better option is a network adapter, there are no problems with earth loops. The amplifier is built on a printed circuit board according to Figure 2 and 3 . SMD resistors and capacitors are mounted on the circuit, other components are soldered in the normal way. The board is in a box attached at KM27 headphone jack and a potentiometer bracket to the side of the box. In the absence of other suitable connectors for connecting the speakers I use RCA connectors. To connect the input signal can be used jack 3.5 mm (the box is not fit) or a molded connector. For this amp I used a 4-wire shielded cable. Two cores are used for audio signal, the remaining supply voltage. Power supply is taken from the game port on Pin 1 Ground wire (0V) is connected to the outlet of the fourth Current links countries konktoru game port and audio output from the PC establishes a connection to ground loop, implemented in the sample, but not disruptive...

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