Two-tones Siren with IC 4093

Posted on Sep 22, 2012

This circuit is intended for children fun, and can be installed on bicycles, battery powered cars and motorcycles, but also on models and various games and toys. With SW1 positioned as shown in the circuit diagram, the typical dual-tone sound of Police or Fire-brigade cars is generated, by the oscillation of IC1A and IC1B gates. With SW1 set to the other position, the old siren sound increasing in frequency and then slowly decreasing is reproduced, by pushing on P1 that starts oscillation in IC1C and IC1D.

Two-tones Siren with IC 4093
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

The loudspeaker, driven by Q1, should be of reasonable dimensions and well encased, in order to obtain a more realistic and louder output. Tone and period of the sound oscillations can be varied by changing the values of C1, C2, C5, C6 and/or associated r

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