Low-noise pre-equalizer circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 3-16 is a low-noise preamplifier equalizing HA12017 consisting playback circuit, the circuit R3, R4 and C4, in line with standard maggots balanced network. The gain stag

Low-noise pre-equalizer circuit
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e circuit 38 - 7dB (1kFk), the head output signal is a 65,7 Pi (1kH), pre-equalizer circuit output level of a 27dBo which for most standard input level of a 10dB power amp circuit is not enough, so there is need to add a voltage level of the amplifier stage 20dB amplification capability to fill the gap. Put this big stage can TL072, TL082 and NE5532 to serve O HA12017 applies not only to pre-equalizer circuit tape sound recording, but also applies to the electromagnetic RIAA phono pre-equalizer circuit. Then just change the RC network.

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