M5227 five-band equalizer circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

M5227P is the application circuit, for graphic equalizer, its control curve is always logarithmic frequency axis to represent rate, and require the same control curve pitch equal to ensure that the band

M5227 five-band equalizer circuit
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is all in the maximum lift or total frequency attenuation response curve more evenly. In order to adapt to the requirements of the amount shown rate axis, the center frequency of each control segment rate shall octave selection. Meanwhile, in order to ensure that the adjacent control the interaction between the minimum band, the band have taken a large Q value and keep the band take the same zero value. The circuit is a five-band equalizer, the center of the control section according to the frequency of three times the decadent process selection, namely: 108Hz, 343 H, 1.08kHz, 3.43kHz, 10,8kHz, take ' 1,8 a 1-5- value. In the circuit, RGl, R Chih resistance is mourning the band set the maximum lift amount and the amount of attenuation, the greater the resistance of each band promotion and also increases the amount of attenuation. The feed circuit with 12dB increase, the amount of attenuation provided by the manufacturer according to the technical parameters, RGl, Rca were selected 2.7kflo Because the smaller the value, in order to increase the input impedance of the circuit at the input plus one level voltage follower. Each frequency response curve control integrated

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