Binaural Microphones circuit

Posted on Feb 2, 2013    5876

For wiring to the microphones I used a wiring harness from an old portable headphone set. Find one with a 90 degree miniplug if possible. Cut off the headphones, solder the condensor mics to the leads and voila. Anything larger than the pencil soldering irons will be cumbersome. Tin the wires first, clamp the capsule in something, hold the wires with tweezers, melt the solder tabs while pressing the tinned leads into them.

I ordered the Panasonic WM-60AT condensor mic capsules (4 just in case) from DigiKey and the rest of the parts I got from Radio Shack, with the only problem being that you need to buy more of most things than you'll need. 2. Then take about 1/2" of 1/4

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