Fuzz box 3

Q1 and Q2 form a voltage amplifier which has sufficient gain to be overdriven by a rela-tively low input, such as an electric guitar. The result is that the output from Q2 is a Squared-Off verson of the input, giving the required fuzz sound. RV1 adjusts the amount of negative feedback inserted into the circuit by C2, and thus the amount of squaring of the signal
Fuzz box 3 - schematic

The purpose of R3 and R4 is to lower the output voltage to a suitable level, which is then adjusted as required with the volume control VR2.

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Claudia   Jun 5, 2018

Hello! I have a project to make with this fuzz box and I don't know how many DC powers should I put in the circuit. Can you help me, please?

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