Guitar Reverb Pedal project

This circuit was inspired by a friend who wanted a reberb for his portable guitar amplifier. I originally tried using NE5532 low noise op-amps for the buffer stages but they were too noisy for the low level circuits so I switched to discrete 2N3904 transistors, they seem to be fairly quiet. This circuit has a nice feature not found in most reverbs, a drive control for the spring amp. The drive can be turned way up and a nice smooth distortion effect will come out of the spring. The circuit will run on a 9V battery but will probably run it down fairly quickly, it draws about 30ma idle and around 100ma with a full signal going through.

Be sure to measure the DC voltage from the wall wart, they seldom agree with the label and vary a lot with load current. The circuit should work ok up to 15VDC. I built the prototype circuit right into the reverb spring box for minimal size, it is a

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