Precision Metronome/Pitch

Posted on Apr 10, 2012

Precision Frequency generator 1 to 999 Hz Precision Metronome 1 to 999 beats per minute. CMos IC1 and IC2B quad AND gate form a 2.4576 MHz crystal oscillator plus a 2400 times divider. IC3A provides further division by 16, delivering a 64 Hz stable frequency square wave. This frequency is multiplied (by means of Phase Locked Loop IC5, double decade divider IC4 and IC3B 4 bit binary divider) by the number set by three miniature BCD thumbwheel switches SW1, SW2 and SW3: units, tens and hundreds respectively.

Precision Metronome/Pitch
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Connecting, by means of SW5, Q1 base to pin 2 of IC6, we obtain (after a 64 times division) the same frequency set by thumbwheel switches with quartz precision, and no need for a scale indicator. Volume regulation of the pitch generator is obtained trimmi

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