The easiest musical voice lights

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

220V AC by Rl and R2 partial pressure, VD half-wave rectifier, the capacitor C in the left ends of about 3V DC voltage right. Adjustment potentiometer RP, so that the three-pol

The easiest musical voice lights
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e tube VT just in the conduction state, then SCR vs gate and cathode is between the transistor VT ce very short road, vs, no trigger current in the off state, the color lights not bright. B for the piezoelectric ceramics, it receives into the environment after the acoustic signal output corresponding electrical signal, the electrical signal applied to the VT base and emitter, a negative half cycle of the signal so that the three diodes exit conducting state, which set That electrode vs SCR gate potential rises, vs open, lights on the light. So lantern can with the music and sparkling acoustic environment. Potentiometer RP can be used to adjust the voice sensitivity. RP tune hours, the transistor VT conduction shallow depth, VT easy to withdraw a short guide state, so the voice is high sensitivity {On the contrary, when the big tune RP, VT deep saturation, VT exit to the conduction state needs to enter a larger base signal, dare voice low sensitivity.

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