Wave Multiplier for music synthesizers

Posted on Aug 22, 2012

For the primary multiplier, the `folder`, connect the input to the triangle wave output of a VCO. Connect a LFO, envelope generator or even a DC voltage to the folds input. The result will be a harmonically rich signal at the `F out` output. A second input based on a lag circuit allows square waves and other hard-edged waveforms to be used as the signal source. There is also a `squared` output available, with `pwm` inputs to further vary the posibilities. To use the second multiplier, the `grinder`, feed the input from the output of a VCO. Adjusting the `drive` and `lag` pots will give variation to the output signal.

When you are happy with the printed circuit board, construction can proceed as normal, starting with the resistors first, followed by the IC sockets if used, then moving onto the taller components. Take particular care with the orientation of the pola

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